Who's building?

Like antweights...only bigger!! (Unfortunately dead now...)

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Post by flimsey »

kk thanks a lot got a clear idea now
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Post by bobblebot »

Your welcome. It is probably best to just and wait to see what someone on the committee says as they should be able to clear up the situation around the Supers.

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Post by harveyandpuma »

thanks we are also twins so we can build our own arena and battle our two robots
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Post by BeligerAnt »

(Since I'm one of the committee members) Superants have been effectively dropped from AWS competitions and are not being actively promoted, mainly due to a very low take-up as Mike said above.

This doesn't mean you can't build one, but there are unlikely to be any competitions for them unless the population increases, and without competitions that is unlikely to happen (bit of a chicken-and-egg situation I'm afraid...)

You mentioned a ?300 budget somewhere, for that money you can easily buy parts suitable for a 150g ant. Check your heaviest components and look for lighter alternatives. Post a question if you get stuck, but read through previous topics first and Google extensively before asking for help.

Remember US "ants" are 454g, so so-called "antweight" parts from US suppliers may not be that suitable for European ants.

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Post by Flippt »

You can still build them and fight at Antweight World series, but only at the lunch time I guess.
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Post by olivers »

As Gary said, Superants are being phased out due to lack of people building them.

They will be removed from the 4.0 rules to be published soon.

The cost of antweight parts is fairly low, the most expensive thing will be the transmitter. However this is needed for ants/supers so it can't be avoided.

A basic ant with 2 servo's receiver and batteries will cost less than ?60 now. In the past they were expensive but have got a lot cheaper to build recently. If you go for Sozbots controllers and brushless motors then the cost ramps up, it is the same with superants however as they can get pretty expensive.

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Post by Rhys »

If you shop chinese, you could probably do it for under ?30, and make it something decent. With all these new parts coming onto the market, Supers are redundant

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Post by tom of technology »

i am 12 as well and i have managed to JUST build a 150 gram ant from servos lego wheels with my custom "rubber band tyres " a 30 g battery pack from sussex model centre and a receiver i striped down to the circuit board

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Post by razerdave »

Does anyone have an old Superant they will sell ? I was looking to add to my other one and use it for demo purposes

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Post by JimBeeden »

looks like my ant will need to be an antweight then, noo super ant for moi haha
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