150 gramme weight limit, must fit in a 4" cube before the fight.

We currently have three ant class robots: Pants, Cannon Fodder and Squashy. All have taken part in the Antweight World Series event which is the premiere event for this weightclass. Pants has also taken part in Robot Wars: Extreme 1 and 2 (BBC), and Robots' Revenge (Discovery Home and Leisure).

You can own your very own Pants or Cannon Fodder. provide full building service, plan sets and servo modification services. We can also do custom work on request. Go to the AntShop for more info.

If you are building an ant, tell us. And if you would like to be listed in the links section below but don't want to have a full website, send us the details (and if possible pictures) of you robot and we will host the site for you at no cost, right here on

Resources and Information

Antweight Robots
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Antweight Resources
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