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Welcome to the RobotWars101 Ant shop.

Please note - due to repeated hacking, we have disabled the online shop. I apologise for this.

Antweight Starter Kit

The kit includes everything you need to get started and is based on my own Skidmark robot but the intention is to give you the main bits needed to make your own design.

The kit includes a full 2.4Ghz radio control transmitter and receiver and all the basics you need to get started. Everything is ready to plug-and-play and the only tools you will need initially are a pencil and pair of scissors to mark and cut the plastic in whatever shape you want.

  • 1x NiMh 4.8v 300mAh robot battery pack
  • 1x Mains plug charger for robot battery pack
  • 2x 30:1 gearmotors for drive motors
  • 2x basic wheels
  • 1x regular micro servo for the weapon
  • Some plastic sheeting for bodywork
  • Wires and switches to connect it all up (see below)
  • 1x 4-channel 2.4Ghz radio transmitter and receiver
  • 1x construction plans for the Skidmark robot to get you started

Overview of electronics included in the kit

You just need to use your imagination to come up with a weapon and body shape.

The cost is 145 including postage.

If you wish to order something, please email me at the address below.

All items here are available for sale in the UK or via the internet. If you are not in the UK but are interested in any items, please email us at and we will advise on additional carriage costs and issues.

We can take credit card payments through PayPal Logo to Personal cheque are also an option - please email me for details.

RobotWars101 is a NON-PROFIT making organisation created to further the sport of robotic combat and encourage people in engineering. Any surplus made from sales of these kit goes towards funding the servers that the website uses.

Accordingly, these items are put together in spare time and we do not hold large stocks. We prepare and dispatch items as quickly as we can but this can take a week or two if items are out of stock. If you require an order for a birthday, Xmas or other special occasion, please let us know as early as possible - we will do our best to accomodate.

The kit we supply does not use the Lithium Polymer (lipo) batteries used in many more advanced antweights for several reasons:

  • Lipo batteries require slightly more complex electronics
  • Lipo batteries require a more expensive charging unit
  • Lipo are restricted by some postal carriers and require careful handling

If you wish to use Lipos we will happily provide a version of the kit without battery or charger and with additional electronics for 10 less.

For those interested in building the Make-A-Bot demonstrated at Brighton Mini Maker Faire, the instructions can be found at (Opens in new window or tab.)