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Re: Antweight Rules Proposal

Post by AndrewC »

That all makes sense. My original reason for asking came from a design I considered. Sort of a fingertrap type design whereby an opponent could get grabbed, but couldn't get away. The downside would be that it would be hard to release them in a controlled way, so the kamikaze divebomb into the pit method would be the best way to win. It seemed unsporting to win by suicide though. I just wanted to see what people thought about it.

What I'll take away:
Would it be within the rules? Yes
Would it be sporting? TBD. But no one does it anyway, and grabbers aren't dominant enough for it to be an issue at the moment
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Re: Antweight Rules Proposal

Post by GeorgeR »

You do definitely need a way to release your opponent, you can only hold for 20s, so if you couldn't get them in the pit you'd be in trouble.
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