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Re: Pink servo??

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Update on the KingMax servo I've been playing with: it's specific position control (potentiometer?) is not quite as smooth as that of the pink, but the power behind it is IMPRESSIVE. It's currently in a flipper my brother's making (same kinda design and mechanism as my Jammin Good with Weird and Flippy), and it outflips Flippy by a LOT. Despite being currently in a constant state of partial stall because my brother hasn't worked out adjusting end points yet, it hasn't got any hotter than a little warm, and my brother and I have battled endlessly from full charge to noticeably low (so well over 3 minutes). As we've been battling on the kitchen table, it has also survived multiple falls from table height without any apparent complaint. I'm definitely considering buying one for me, because my GOD is it stronger than the Pink I'm running in Flippy!
Bearings feel perhaps a little grindy, but that might be me splitting Hairs.
Yeah, I still can't vouch for it's survivability or longevity as this servo hasn't had to survive anything more hardcore than falling off the table, but I see no reason why it won't?
I'll be extremely interested as to the impression it gives someone who actually knows something about servos! :lol:
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