Team Shock's new antweights

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Team Shock's new antweights

Post by teamocean »

Hi All,

Been a long time since I last posted here! But it looks like that I will be coming along to the next AWS so I thought I had better build some ants for it as I sold off most of mine a few years ago.

I'm going to bring a couple of very simple wedge flippers and a scale replica of Aftershock along which are all in the process of being designed and built.

The first flipper chassis just finished printing and seems pretty good. Will need a couple of very minor changes before the final versions get made. The main chassis will be printed with a polycarb flipper and side armour to hopefully stand up against the spinners a little better. ... hare_sheet

The Aftershock replica will feature the same single tooth titanium discs that I used on the old Inertia ants on a 22mm outrunner. Should have some updates on that one shortly.
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Re: Team Shock's new antweights

Post by James Williams »

Good to hear, looking forward to seeing these, especially the mini Aftershock.
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