Ant Freeze 4 - Sign Up & details

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Re: Ant Freeze 4 - Sign Up & details

Post by joey_picus »

Aaaand back home! Many thanks to John and Mel from the venue for hosting a great event; it was a lot of fun and I would love to go back again. My only regret is we didn't get to try the new games, but any event where I get to make friends with a bearded dragon is a good one :) Thankyou to everyone else for putting up with me being slightly loopy and Tracy being a bit sleepy. You're all wonderful lovely people and I wish events could happen every weekend so I could see you all more...

Jigsaw didn't do brilliantly but it won as many fights as it lost and acquitted itself pretty well (and took a Why Wait to the face and still works) so I think there's some life left in the current design. Well done to everyone who won, especially Ryan for winning a spinner annihilator with a big wedge!
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Re: Ant Freeze 4 - Sign Up & details

Post by peterwaller »

Yes another great event thanks to John and family for organizing it and a great new venue which is so convenient being close to the M42 motorway.
A special thanks to John the younger for the pinball / obstacle arena I really enjoyed that event.

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Re: Ant Freeze 4 - Sign Up & details

Post by JMD »

New World Champion Ant Freeze Series 4 Dystopiant :D

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Re: Ant Freeze 4 - Sign Up & details

Post by limpet »

Another fun event, thanks to all who came, I think everyone had a good time.
The new venue proved very nice with loads of power sockets and space around the arena.

We had over 50 robots in the main antweight tournament so it was more or less half an AWS!
A problem became apparent with Antlog 2 (I would have used 3 but I was so short of time in the run up I didn`t get chance to test it at home)
where a robot in each group was dropped after only losing once, luckily we stopped in time to correct it and ran the Nuts tournament before continuing the main tournament on paper.

We had a couple of mis-fights too, always check you are fighting the right robot! :D

Unfortunately time got the better of us and we only got to play another two games - The Gladiator, which was pretty destructive to say the least, and finished off with Pinball.

Civil War and Portal will be carried to the next one.

Ant Freeze 5 will definitely go ahead and should be the same venue, also I`m considering a Summer/Autumn event there too, maybe an AWS is possible if a few volunteers want to help out.

For AntFreeze

For my robots etc.
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Re: Ant Freeze 4 - Sign Up & details

Post by JMD »

I God Big New All Robots Be New Ant Weight Tournament 4 Robots To Flight 2 Win or 2 Lost

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Re: Ant Freeze 4 - Sign Up & details

Post by AntRoboteer »

Thanks very much to everyone for such a fantastic day! I was very pleased to win the spinner annihilator with GiANT (thanks for the mention Joey!); it was one of the highlights for me. The main competition was also fantastic.

The Automatic Botmobile could have done better but seeing as it was its first ever test in combat, I was unsure of whether or not it would randomly charge off the arena in full combat as it had done in testing of an early version and hence I disabled Auto mode. This proved to be a big mistake as when it was put into automatic during Nuts and the Pinball, the machine performed amazingly, self righting, flipping and ramming automatically. and even flipping the ramp into the multiball release by itself; I wasn't even moving the controls when it was doing that which is very impressive indeed! I look forward to giving it a proper test in the next AWS. Doktor Power was its temperamental but relatively successful self which was nice, Lifty Thing was awful, just cutting out and glitching around and Mini Robox in the cobbled together Postage and Packaging cluster was actually not too bad considering it was the slowest thing in the arena by a long way, armored up with only graph paper shielding.

My machines sustained very little spinner damage this time surprisingly and no component damage whatsoever which is surprising given the spinner to non spinner ratio.

Thanks very much to all who competed and to John and family for hosting the event. It's a lovely venue and we would definitely be up to visiting again for more of your events in the future. Very much looking forward to Ant Freeze 5! :D

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Re: Ant Freeze 4 - Sign Up & details

Post by GeorgeR »

Big thanks to everybody for making me feel welcome, and particularly to John and family for running a great event.
I'm really happy with my robots performance, three wins was better than i had hoped for my first time, and both are still running despite Axiom taking some damage from Don't hug me and Anticyclone. Can't wait for the next event...
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Re: Ant Freeze 4 - Sign Up & details

Post by UserFriendly »

Sounds like a great time. I've just started to watch Harry's video ( ) and looks like a lot of fun.

Hoping to be at the next event!
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