AWS 35 - Pontefract - 17th July 2011

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Post by haz »

cool, are they in kind of the same area ? as it is a bit more of a journey for me i will probably be there for a few days and so i could find a hotel nearish the venue.
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Post by James »

Dave26 wrote: I think James has A-Level exams then, so Gary was saying they probably wouldn't come during them.
i think my exams are all in may/june but i don't finish college until the 19th so we couldn't make the 16th, but we could probably make the 23rd or 30th :)

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Post by razerdave »

16th July is good for me :)

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Post by alasdair »

I should be able to do the 16th! (if i can't then I will set TruANT on dad! :lol: )

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Post by Remote-Controlled Dave »

16th is great for me and Andrew too (sorry James! :( )
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Post by PBx »

We can do the 16th (with 2 ants :D ), but can't do the 23rd or 30th.

If there is anything I can help you with - let me know.

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Post by joey_picus »

Paul - thanks very much for the offer, I'm certain that I'll have thought of a dozen things for you to do by the time the event rolls around :) I'll definitely bear that in mind.

With regards to times and venues - I have been effectively offered my college's sports hall as a venue, which is pretty much perfect as it's large, right off the motorway, has good parking and I can get it for a very preferential rate. However, that would probably have to be on a Sunday - most likely Sunday 17th July - since they have a regular booking for Saturday mornings, and I can see this being a problem for people who would have to travel quite a long way to get back and might have work the next morning. (I'd endeavour to get everything done by 5pm but it's still a long way back for some people!)

So, my question is...can people make a Sunday AWS? I'm aware it's not the norm, and I'd understand completely if people couldn't make it and it's by no means my only potential venue - I would try my best to get it on a Saturday if people can't make Sunday - but it's a question worth asking I feel.

Thoughts? :P
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Post by Andrew_Hibberd »

Sunday would be ok for me as its not too far, however public transport isn't great on a sunday after 5pm. Lets see how others feel.

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Post by Simon Windisch »

Sun 17th is OK for me.

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Post by haz »

fine for me

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