AWS 33 - Brighton 30 October 2010

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Post by Jonny »

thanks for the tip, i'll bring a 4 way extension lead. if there are any sockets not being used feel free to use them :) i'll try to arrive about 10 but it depends what traffics like.

see you all tomorrow :D
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Post by muchalucha »

ill see you all tomorrow then, ive stuck an extra extension lead in my bag incase anybody needs it to. Should be there around 10.
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Post by bitternboy »

yay, I'll be there havin a blast ;D
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Post by alasdair »

Just finished EVERYONE (and its 10:00! :o )
See you guys there!
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Post by joey_picus »

Everything seems to be packed and ready to go now...keeping my fingers crossed that Jigsaw behaves itself this time :P good luck to everyone and I'll see you all there.
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Post by ajrobotics »

Have fun tomorrow everyone, it sounds like it is going to be fantastic! :)
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Post by josh »

I'm waiting for a coach to the station... I can still see the stars! :o
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Post by Team Orr »

just getting a ferry now...see you chaps there :-)
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Post by Jonny »

leaving in 10 mins :)
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Post by earthwormjim »

Man,that was FUN!
Great to meet you all,thanks for the welcome.
I really enjoyed the day,apart from the demise of poor old Bruce!
See you at the next one!
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