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The German MMM16 report.

Friday , Leo and Niels arrived. We checked if everything was ready, and nope, it wasn't. One of the transmitters wasn't available. So, we had to rebind Hannibalito 3. Unfortunatly, it's not something that we we like to do, as it's hidden deep in the machine.
After the rebinding, we found out about a servo wire with issues and a leaky joint. So, we repaired those bits too. All in all, we packaged everything and went to bed. Saturday morning, 7u40, Germany here we come.

2 pm. The first fight for the feathers. Manta vs Hannibalito 4 vs Valkiri 2.

Here the fight.

Valkiri 2 blew the link after a short on the main wires (things get bad when a link fries before a 150 amp -slow- fuse), so that was done for that fight.

Hannibalito's 4 flipperarm is destroyed, and one motor was ripped lose from the frame, luckely that couldn't go anywere.

Manta's 4mm thick steel front plate now has a ventilation hole of 40mm long and 8mm wide.

Later fights gave Hannibalito 3, Hannibalito 4 and our nemesis Adrenaline the same points. In the end, the final was between H3 and Adrenaline. Dirks driveskills gave him the victory again.

Sunday was a day for fun and testing. Valkiri was repaired and tested in a full combat fight. Creusabro 4800 ain't as good as Hardox 450.

End result.
Hannibalito 3, recharge batteries and fill the bottle, store for the enxt event.
Hannibalito 4 , Spare flipperarms. This is the second time we had to wobble trough fights with a flipperarm looking like an Escher design.

Valkiri 2. A new disk in better material, an exchangable tooth and faster fuses please.

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