How to fight with this robot

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How to fight with this robot

Post by nemesis_ »

Hello guys,

How can you fight with this robot? Can you tell me about its weaknesses. Max robot weight is 12 kg. And throwing objects are forbidden.

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Re: How to fight with this robot

Post by malivoirec »

If you mean the spinner, than the best type of robot would tend to be a fast and well armoured pusher. The strategy usually is to try and get underneath the spinner using a wedge and try to ram the spinner into the arena wall (trust me, for safety the arena will be tougher than any robot). Either two things will happen, the spinner will flip over and will be unable to self-right, or the impact will cause the spinner to break itself. It will also prove to the judges that you are more aggressive which will help you if both robots remain alive after the allotted time.

Here's a good example:

Of course due to the nature of KE weapons, the results can be a little unpredictable, so a good driver with lots of practise to maintain this attack is very advantageous.

Hope this helps.
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Re: How to fight with this robot

Post by Psychostorm »

I am presuming that you are asking how to oppose the spinner.

If the horizontal spinner only spins in one direction (Say left to right) try to ram it in that direction (the left side, but not from the front)

That spinner would be vulnerable to being overturned. Getting under it & pushing it into a wall would be a good plan.

If you have exposed wheels, don't. Put a thick plate over it.

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