Pressure testing

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Pressure testing

Post by josh »

I'm currently designing a custom fp pneumatic system and I want to know what are the required tests that must be done on the system, although I can assume they are pretty obvious pressurising of the system to a much higher extent than is normal. And I also want to know who must carry out these tests? Do I have to send the whole system off to an independent company who will charge me more than it cost to make in order to pump it up, sign a document and slap some stickers on it?

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Re: Pressure testing

Post by Andrew_Hibberd »

Ultimately you need to find a company that is capable of doing pressure testing. I haven't ever had it done, but I am not sure how easily you will find a company willing to pump something up that is not got any rating.

The testing tends to be hydro testing using water or oil, so the tank has no gas in. The hydraulic pressure is increased so if there is a failure its a wet floor not a bomb.

Speaking to some of the feather guys in the past the only test they seem to do is to stand out of the way and attach a tank of co2 then slowly burst in co2 and allow it to warm. Not very safe...

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Re: Pressure testing

Post by Jonny »

you can 'self certify' and say that it is a 'prototype'. it's in the rules. or you might be able to get a local fire extinguisher company to test your system

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Re: Pressure testing

Post by maddox »

Jonny, the "prototype" and "self certify" methode is "legal" according to the PID rules. But that has some caveats.

1) the pressure equipment has to be designed and build with care and knowledge.
2) whatever happens with it, the builder/manufacturor is responsible. if it explodes when gassing up, the maker is responsible. Wounded or killed people will get serieus police and court attention.
3) not for commercial or public purposes. Only useable in controlled enviroments. (luckely, a class 2 or better arena is such an enviroment)

I do test pressure parts. And those tests are always done with fluid.

Ain't cheap, all the certificates and insurances you need to do it officialy. (there is a reason a certification with a firm for custom work is €500+)

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