How high are FW arena Walls?

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Re: How high are FW arena Walls?

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cool :P

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Re: How high are FW arena Walls?

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Design altered to take into account robochallenge arena Walls height. Very happy with design. Don't think it's been done before. Somewhere between sewer snake, biohazard and fractal (BW). That description probabbly doesn't help much... I tend to keep off the beaten path. I'd like to keep it a surprise until it rolls out for it's first fight but I think it would be good to test the armour against a nasty spinner since my design for spinner resistant armour (seni ablative) hasn't been done before.

I've decided to hold off chopping nylon until I get back from holiday at the end of the month just to make sure I'm 100 % confident in my design.

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