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Re: fleas

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I haven't been able to post for a while due to school pressure and the like, but I have made some progress on the flea.

This is Pepper (previously known as Salt) in his current form:


There is much more space inside now, so I can fit everything in without risk of shorting anything or something similar, and the front is wider to provide a better brace for the scoops (which will be made from carbon fibre). There are also mounting holes for potential sides but I doubt there will be enough weight. In addition I printed a top plate to fit in for him like Frantic has which seems to fit fine.


We connected the motors to the speedo loosely and put the old wheels (I have printed a new set) on just to check he is running fine and it seems to work perfectly. He is much faster than the previous one. Not insane, but good.

In this form (including everything except nuts and bolts and the scoops/armor) he is 69.8g
A few grams will be lost purely from the wires being cut to the correct length, and then that should leave enough weight for scoops.

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