Antweight Arena / Test Box

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Antweight Arena / Test Box

Post by Shakey »

Selling off my antweight arena / Test box as in a garage ever increasing in number of robots space for everything else decreases.

Dimensions: 98cmx71cmx32cm
Polycarb thickness: 5mm minimum


The polycarb isn't as clear as it used to be but is still alright, someone who knows how to properly clean polycarb could get it nice again most likely. Various scratches from spinner tests over the years.

Available for collection from Hampshire, Tomorrows AWS in Southhampton or from the upcoming Maidstone Live Event.

PM me offers.

Nuts And Bots - For all your components and ready built antweights!

Alex Shakespeare - Team Shakey / Nuts And Bots / Team Nuts:
AWS 44, 45, 49, 51 & 55 Winner - Far too many robots!

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