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Re: PCB Manufacture

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Still not managed to get a reply from Ragworm so not very impressed with them.
I have found a new full bridge motor drive IC DRV8872 from Texas Instruments.
This works from 6.8 to 45 volts so OK for 2 or 3 cells and can supply a peak current of 3.6 amps.
So I knocked up a layout and bit the the bullet and contacted PCBWAY in china.
Unfortunately my old 1998 Protel software doesn't produce the correct gerber drilling file but after a few emails they decided they can work straight from my Protel PCB file without me having to produce gerber files.
I ordered the boards on Friday afternoon and they arrived this afternoon, they look great and only £17.30 for 10 boards including courier .
Just built the first one up and it seems to work OK but will need to go into a robot for a more stringent test probably the rebuild of Combatant to get it to fit the cube.

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