Shapeways WS&F Price Change

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Shapeways WS&F Price Change

Post by Andrew_Hibberd »

I have just had an email from shapeways with there new pricing system. I used to put all my parts into a single file so I only got the €1.5 handeling fee once, this has changed to €1.5 per part making multiple parts very very expensive. One of my multiple parts files for €2 new price €35. The overall cost of the cm3 is lower making single parts cheaper. The solution will have to be to join all the parts on a sprue to make them all into a single part or use someone else.


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Re: Shapeways WS&F Price Change

Post by olivers »

Andy, take a look at CRDM in the UK

They used to be slightly more expensive than Shapeways but this may have changed now.

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