Polycarb Sheet

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Polycarb Sheet

Post by peterwaller »

I remember someone recently asking where they can buy Polycarb.
I have just bought some 0.75mm polycarb sheet from GFG Plastics via their Ebay shop and they delivered in under 10 hours by normal post.
http://stores.ebay.co.uk/plastic-water- ... ec0Q2em322
3 A3 sheets for about ?10 including delivery is good value to.

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Re: Polycarb Sheet

Post by James »

I know its is bringing up a massively old thread but there's no point starting a new one when this is already here...

I ordered an A4 sheet of 3mm HDPE and and A4 sheet of 1mm polycarb from them yesterday afternoon for £4.50 including delivery and it arrived in the post this morning. :o

They also sell polycarb in A5 sheets which could be useful if you only need a small piece.. :)

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