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Social Media

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Hi all,

It occurred to me that many people on this forum may not be aware of the active roboteering groups on social media, and so I thought I'd try and make a comprehensive list. If I've forgotten anything, let me know and I'll edit this post and add it in :).


Robotics Community: - This is the main nexus for combat robotics on Facebook, covering all weight classes and countries.
Ant Chat: - This is just for 150g antweight roboteers. It's quite new so still a little quiet, but give it time ;).
Robot Wars: - The official group of Robot Wars UK. Go here for information on upcoming shows and posts from UK roboteers.

Reddit: - This appears to be the most active combat robotics subreddit, although it's still not particularly active (by reddit's standards).

Streams: - Streams of large events from the US containing all weight classes. You can catch an event that just ran this gone weekend in the stream archive.
I'll be moving my future streams to Twitch, and so I'll add mine in once I've decided on a name.
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