Heavyweight Battery

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Heavyweight Battery

Post by Deskconstructor »

In light of the recent news that Robot Wars is returning to BBC, we're looking at the possibility of bringing back DisConstructor.

One thing we need are new batteries. We operate of a 24V system. Does anyone have any recommendations or what current heavyweights are using now?
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Re: Heavyweight Battery

Post by joey_picus »

I think most heavyweights are using lipo packs these days, obviously they don't use normal human voltages but you should be able to get something equivalent. The problem with that many Lynch motors might be finding a configuration that will stand up to the peak current draw though - it might work out better to just stick with the setup you had before!
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Re: Heavyweight Battery

Post by Shakey »

LiFePo packs 8S unless you REALLY need the current then it is LiPo. LiFePo4 is much safe.

EDIT: Remembered I have some for sale. http://www.fightingrobots.co.uk/threads ... a123-packs They are ~28V.
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