Metrication of the rules

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Simon Windisch
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Re: Metrication of the rules

Post by Simon Windisch »

As it doesn't really make a difference (except to those who are interested in this one) Why don't we have a vote on this thread. I'm not going to vote here, because I have no preference, but shall we say that the voting choices are (and this is an example - the other dimensions would follow on from this vote)

1. Antweight: four inches (101.6mm)

2. Antweight: 101.6mm (four inches)

3. Antweight: 101.6mm

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Re: Metrication of the rules

Post by petec »

Given that no one has ever made a cube within even 0.5mm accuracy to date, this whole subject is pointless. We give the measurements in both already - there is actually no benefit in changing these details because everyone can understand them as they are. :D