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Registering on this forum

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Welcome to the forum, and thank-you for your interest!

You do not need to register in order to read the posts, and you are welcome to browse around anonymously if you like.

You do need to register if you want to post a message. Registration is quick and easy, but there are some things that will make life easier...

This forum unfortunately gets a lot of "spam" so we are working at ways of cutting it out. Currently it requires one of the forum administrators to look at each new registration and decide whether it is "real" or not.

You can help us by filling in the "Location", "Occupation", "Interests" and "Signature" fields with sensible stuff. The spam bots are a dead give-away as they usually insert rubbish. Harder to sort out are those that don't put anything in - then we have to take a guess and we would hate to delete a real user!

When you register, you will not be able to post until an Administrator has activated your account. Unfortunately this may take 24 hours so please be patient. If you still have problems posting, please contact the site administrator at

Thanks for your co-operation, and once again, welcome!
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