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Like antweights...only bigger!! (Unfortunately dead now...)

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ant weight awsome
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super ants

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does any one build battle ratz they are 5kg . does this tell me what to do and how to build Antweights :-? :-?


so does any one know how to build a battle rat ?? :-? :-?

I kinda need pictures and manuals like the ones @ IKEA
thankz :D :D :D
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Team Orr
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1: yes, i know myself and george (zog) build them
2: yep, theres a great how 2 guide there and loads of info
3: go to roaming robots.co.uk and follow the link to their shop, they have the kits there

out of interest were you at brighton model world? ta and good luck


p.s: this should really be in the q&a section, but nevermind :P
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