Like antweights...only bigger!! (Unfortunately dead now...)

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Post by josh »

and i found it specially great coz i actually won a few fights !!!!! :P

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Post by paul »

well done you finaly managed it!!! :wink:

did anyone record the fights? was it good? did anyone gfet ripped apart or anything? tell me! :P

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Calm down, Paul, it was deadly dull. lol. A few slow, lardy pushy things, about as stimulating as watching paint dry, and I was driving! Would hate to have been just watching! No spinners either, so no great damage. I think theres a video somewhere, if you want an insomnia cure...
I did get to showcase my cannon though, which did as well as I expected it to...(not very well).
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Post by Rhys »

Yeah, not the most interesting thing ever. I'm still waiting for my brother to cap the video for me (my damn cheapo computer has no firewire), and I'll get it uploaded.