As SuperAnts are dead...

Like antweights...only bigger!! (Unfortunately dead now...)

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As SuperAnts are dead...

Post by Rhys »

As there hasn't been an event with SuperAnts for as long as I can remember, and the fact that Beetleweights seem to be generating some serious interest, is there any chance the site admins could consider deleting the Super Ants section and making a new Beetleweight section?

Obviously not right away, as so far Beetleweights are unproven. But if they are a success (and I think they have serious potential), then maybe we could convert this disused section of the forum into their new home? It would be nice to see a crossover from FRA users and users of this site, as at the moment there's not too many people who regularly compete in all the differing weight classes.
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Re: As SuperAnts are dead...

Post by razerdave »

That's a capital idea Rhys :)

I hope Beetles will take off in a big way, it's a good mid-point between ants and feathers :).
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Re: As SuperAnts are dead...

Post by haz »

Well said that man :)
I'm all for a beetleweight section.
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Re: As SuperAnts are dead...

Post by Psychostorm »

They're not mutually exclusive y'know

I think though the Beetleweights will be distinct enough to survive long term.
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Re: As SuperAnts are dead...

Post by BeligerAnt »

I'd hesitate to delete the SuperAnts section entirely, but it should be possible to lock the section - it's certainly possible to lock each thread individually, although I hope there's a way of doing it en masse.
Adding a Beetleweight category is certainly possible.
Stay tuned...
Gary, Team BeligerAnt