are super ants still alive ?

Like antweights...only bigger!! (Unfortunately dead now...)

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Re: are super ants still alive ?

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I have a super ant weight called Terrortorial, I would repair it if there was a super ant weight at an AWS.
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Re: are super ants still alive ?

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Possibly building one for next year, could be the start of a resurgence in popularity for super ants.

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Re: are super ants still alive ?

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While I don't mean to dampen anyone's spirits, I don't see superants taking off. They never took off previously, and now we have more roboteers with more robots (and especially with more fleaweights, which HAVE seen a surge in popularity recently), such that our events are already very full. I'm not sure it would be wise to attempt to introduce another competition into our already packed events.
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