Help with turn based robot project

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Help with turn based robot project

Post by Spaceman »

Bit of a vague title but hopefully I can explain.

When I am not making robots as a hobby I am a wargamer.

I have had the idea to mix the hobbies and make a game that the players move their robots by remote control for a set period of time. They then roll dice to determine who shoos who. its Robot wars meets warhammer 40K.

So for starters what I am after is advice on how to achieve the following;

+ All the players can move their model by remote control.

+ The remote control can be activated on mass by a referee and stopped on mass (The example would be all players have a 10 second window to move that the ref controls).

+ An individual player can be activated or deactivated independently of the others.

Apologies if this comes across a bit vague, its a hard thing to get down in text form. As this projects progresses I will post more on it here.
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Re: Help with turn based robot project

Post by Paulmchurd »

You could have a control box for the referee. They can set switches or press buttons to allow people control of their robots. When the ref presses the switch it activates a relay to give power to their remote controls.

You could do all this easily with an ardiuno.

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