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Wanna talk about something other than robots? Really?? Can't understand it myself, but if you really want to, do it here....normal rules apply though!!

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Post by peterwaller »

Welcome Dan that looks like a good design you have there it would certainly be interesting to see if you in the USA are using the same types of parts and see if your designs are different from ours. I know you use the same weight but do you use the 4 inch cube.
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Post by nyditch »

Were don't actually have the 4" size restriction here, but I've been trying to cut my bot size down to it. I'm at 4.25" right now, so if I get some thinner wheels, I'll be within the 4" limit - an easy fix.

I'll go over to the ants section; it'd seem more appropriate topic placement.
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Post by Jonny »

Hello my name is Jonny. i live in england and have been building robots for 1 and a half months now. i've built 2 working antweights so far i am freinds with haz and am in team combat penguin. luckily my shed was built with a workshop in it, although through 12+ years of unuse it was full of junk. but now after a bit of cleaning its great and i got a load of tools inherited from my grandad early last year.

by the way nyditch you can fit the robot in the 4 inch cube diagonally (i think) which means you can have it slightly longer if it is flat.
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Post by haz »

sup jonny have made new body for deodorant and is onlly 116g
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