Antweight ESCs

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Antweight ESCs

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I have recently been designing a new 2WD antweight flipper, mostly salvaging parts from my broken old one. However, since it's the ESC that died, I'll have to buy a new ESC for my new one. Since the NanoTwo isn't being sold at the moment, what are the best antweight ESCs available? The most promising I have seen so far is the one on the Bristol Bot Builders website, but that doesn't have braking. I would prefer an ESC with braking and not too much necessary soldering, and which is as small as possible. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Antweight ESCs

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i have been making such a ESC to hopefully fill the gap in the market left behind by the nano two. but it is not done yet but hopefull will be avlable soon.
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Re: Antweight ESCs

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My ESC with built-in receiver, Malenki-Nano, is available on the BBB web site and has braking built in.

But that *only* works if you use a AFHDS2A compatible transmitter, e.g. Turnigy i6. If you want to use some other transmitter, look elsewhere.
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