Budget dsm2/dsmx transmitter

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Budget dsm2/dsmx transmitter

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I bought a dsmx/dsm2 reciever and it didn't bind to my dsmx transmitter, so i think that it was a dsm2 reciever.
So, I already have a lot of dsmx only transmitters. So I am looking for an inexpensive dsm2 transmitter. I have looked, so does anybody know any cheaper transmitters. Any replays are thoughroughly appreciated!
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Re: Budget dsm2/dsmx transmitter

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I use a flashed Devo7e for dsm2? I believe that's the standard.
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Re: Budget dsm2/dsmx transmitter

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I would have thought a eBay deal on a DX6i or something like that (noting they do a specific DSMX version so make sure you are sure as to which type of transmitter you are looking at) would do the job here.
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