3D printed scalextric wheels for antweights.

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dcr raptor
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3D printed scalextric wheels for antweights.

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I came across these 3D printed scalextric wheels on shapeways: http://www.shapeways.com/product/BT9F46 ... d=40780127
Does anyone know which scalextric cars I should be stealing tyres from for these wheels?
So far, I haven't found any that I have lying around that fit them, so if someone already knows which I should use, it would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance for useful info.

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Re: 3D printed scalextric wheels for antweights.

Post by josh »

Hi, I believe I made those a long time ago.

I think they are to fit 20-20.5mm Ninco Slick tyres. Probably the 11.5mm wide ones.
I was using those a good few years ago now though, so I may be wrong!

Dave Weston had a few sets, he may know.

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Re: 3D printed scalextric wheels for antweights.

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@dcr raptor

I've made my own silicone tyres:

If you have a 3D printer, you can print off my wheel design and wheel mould design, and print and cast your own quite cheaply. (linked in video)

Also, I've made some other smaller wheels and tires that are closer to scalextric diameters:

Looking forward to seeing RAPID on Sunday! Be good to see you at an AWS sometime!
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