Problem with transmitter

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Re: Problem with transmitter

Post by Skillz »

Thank you.

This transmitter and recover were connecting when I connected it directly I just can't get it to go into bind mode to connect to anything else.

Also do I need this Bec for Rory's kit?
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Re: Problem with transmitter

Post by Fenrir »

I should think so unless the Nanotwo has a BEC of its own. Either way I'd go for it as its only cheap and i wouldn't want to risk it burning anything out. I tend to run NiMHs myself, despite them being less powerful. And I wouldn't know too much about binding different receivers to one transmitter, I tend to go for cheaper less popular transmitter receiver systems often with a V Tail mixer separate as they're usually only configured for flight. My only advice would be to make sure they're compatible and your transmitter can handle having two receivers on one system.

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Re: Problem with transmitter

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The NanoTwo has an onboard BEC and onboard mixing. All you need to run the kit is a 2S battery and a DSM2 transmitter.
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