Spur Gears

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Spur Gears

Post by Andrew_Hibberd »

I am looking at 3D printing some gears for a new drive train. I have only ever bought gears in the past. Does anyone have a plugin for Solidworks2010 that works out the angles correctly? I found one on thingiverse but it was a future version.

Alternatively what have other people used to cad gears for 3d printing?


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Re: Spur Gears

Post by EpicentrE »

I find the gear that I want on SDP/SI, download the cad of it, and then modify it to suit my needs. This is how I got the pulleys for flux's drive printed and they work perfectly.
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Re: Spur Gears

Post by Rhys »

There's a plugin for sketchup called Involute Gears. You give it the number of teeth and diameter and it draws it for you.

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