Pre AWS RW101 dedicated 3D printing run.

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Pre AWS RW101 dedicated 3D printing run.

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Hi Guys,

With the AWS coming up at the end of the month I have had some requests for more printing. I am prepared to run an entire machine dedicated to everybody here if we can fill it up enough.

I will start the cm3 prices at £1 the more projects in the build, the cheaper it will get.

Pricing as follows:

£3 shipping

If I get enough orders this will go ahead, if I get more than enough the prices will go down.

The machines are EOS P series, same as Shapeways WS&F. The print run will be run on Tuesday 15th and shipped Wednesday 16th. I need confirmation and files by the end of the week to go ahead.

I need files submitted to me as sketchup, stl, solidworks, igs or step files. You can upload them to or email the files to

Any questions, just let me know!

RPD International

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