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Post by Kyro »

pondering an idea... let me know what you guys think of it...

i spent many years on the slingshot forum (that big german guy on youtube with all the crazy home built rubber powered weapons's forum)

and twice a year we would host what was known as the G.S.T or global slingshot trade...

basically, everyone willing and able was to put their names on a list where later, they would be drawn into pairs (name out of a hat style) and the idea was to build a slingshot (or more) to trade with your partner... there would be a few months to complete and send slingshots out to said partner. it was a brilliant way to sample other peoples work whilst simultaneously allowing people to see yours. i sent many slingshots to germany at least 2 to the usa... brazil... spain... and it was great... we saw wood that although was just run of the mill everyday wood for the maker, was exotic to the recipient.

the requirements were for just 1 slingshot to be sent with bands, however many builders sent 2-3 slingshots, bands, pouches, ammo ect...

every G.S.T showed amazing stuff (liturally some of the work could have been displayed in an art gallery) and just how great people you never met but spoke to online could be... many friendships were set.

i propose we could try something simmilar here... the British Ant Weight Trade... or B.A.W.T for short anyone willing and able will be partnered up and would build a bot for their partner to trade... nothing revealed until recipient has received it.

on the slingshot forum, a few basic details were given ie which hand you held your slingshot, whether you prefered ttf or ott (through the fork or over the top) and how you held the slingshot (hammer grip, finger thumb support or pinch grip) and then we all set off to build a slingshot meeting these details...

so i guess the details to share here would be, which rx you use... and i guess thats pretty much it... i would say that the rule of whats required to be sent is a fully built bot that meets the usual requirements of size and weight minus a lipo (i think sending anything with a battery can cause issues as i was always asked whether there was a battery in any of the packages i sent) and it must be built to the best of your ability (comparable to your other bots)
and that is it...
no other limitations...

there would be a few months to build and post your half of the trade, then there would be a set day for the big reveal where everyone can tune in and see what everyone built and sent...

now, there were 3 people (out of 7 G.S.T's i was involved with) that sent nothing and were never heard from again.
we tried to think of ways to prevent this happening... needed to be on the forum x amount of time, needed to send the commissioner proof of build as a picture but in the end we figured it was a risk we were willing to take due to it happening so rarely, and any preventative measures may restrict honest people wanting to join in, and that was the opposite of what it was designed to do.

so keep that in mind.

is anyone interested in something like this? its not likely to be done soon as there would have to be a decent bit of planning involved.

let me know what you think of this...

if enough people are interested then i will happily sort everything out...

if not many are interested, then we also held competitions.

things like a 1 hour build challenge.
a turn something thats not a slingshot into a slingshot challenge as well as many shooting challenges (hit a toothpick from 10meters, a pencil from 20 meters ect but i dont know how to modify these for bots)

really these suggestions are a great way to get to know eachother a bit better.

hopefully, i can get a few people on board

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Re: B.A.W.T

Post by TeamScrewUp »

Let me show you its features.
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