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Re: Skipdiving Robotics

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Well one does one's best
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Re: Skipdiving Robotics

Post by daveimi »

Haven't really updated in a while been heavy building but need a break from it so have gone back to sorting Wabbajack out. The motor boards are ok but the receiver is duff and the switch is wrecked. Steering off one stick was horrid so am just looking into ways of rectifying it. Was going to buy a new esc then realised I could get a mixer and receiver for the motor boards...then couldn't decide if that would work. So have decided to get one of these posh all-in-one receiver jobs that our Rory makes with t'lemon rx and so on. Will give him a bell shortly and see if he fancies sorting it out. Other than that, Wabbajack is getting a new black shell and I'm going to re-use the drive train and battery into Wabbajack 2. The urge to call it Wabbajack:Black is massive. May my insulation tape creations be a plague on all your houses!!!!! Muwahahahahaha

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Re: Skipdiving Robotics

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I'll be happy to help :)
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Re: Skipdiving Robotics

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they're deffinitely good value. really easy to work with as well.
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