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Re: New Anticide

Post by Hogi »

i'll just stick to building boxes with wheels :)
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Re: New Anticide

Post by EpicentrE »

I don't want to discourage you from doing something new, exciting, and educational, just making sure you're aware of the risks involved :).
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Re: New Anticide

Post by joey_picus »

Pneumatics are - aside from bloody dangerous, at least with spinners you can unplug the battery and be reasonably certain it's not going to spin up! - quite a complex way of doing things, particularly in antweights where available components tend to be quite bulky and heavy (and usually designed for planes that have slightly less of a strict weight limit!). You generally need to budget a lot more of the robot's weight for rams, valves, tanks, linkages, often a servo to actuate said valve, etc. than you would for a simple servo, and the results may not be that much better - servos don't lose power as the battle goes on, and very rarely cause your robot to flip itself over, and hardly ever explode during testing...

Essentially, it's a lot of hassle for what isn't always going to be a better result. But you don't do it because it's easy, you do it because it's hard, à la getting people on the moon :)
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Re: New Anticide

Post by Andrew_Hibberd »

I just received a pneumatic fill.valve from hobbyking. It has a large hex nut on the in end, has anyone got one and tried turning this round to save weight?

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