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Re: The smart ant's and flea's

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Team RobotMad wrote: Thu Dec 24, 2020 12:29 pm due to well, 2020, RM nanoESC has not been finished until now.

hopfully we can put them up for sale 'soon' probably in time before any events that we might get to do in 2021.
Soon has come!
There is 15 tested and proven RM NanoESC V1.1 boards avalable!
£30 will get you a extreamly small, (12 x 14.5 mm) all in one ESC for your robot.

2 drive channels up to 2 Amps each.
4 Servo outputs
1,2,3 and 4 cell lipo compatable, (motors alowing, as they will recive lipo volatage)

Compatable with CPPM recivers. Deltang, and spektrum serial recivers ask for more information if concerned about compatablity. if you want a difrrent recvier type, if the protocol is open, or you can provide us a reciver of the type we can add support for it.

built in calibration system alowing for any control scheme, like your sticks a weird way around? just set it up and go.

optional flipper function, alows for the setting of the endpoints of the servo motion.

default servo output, simple channel in = servo out, good for things like extra ESC's in spinners.

battery saver, just practing at home and dont want to overdrain your lipo, or in a competative event, turn it off to sacrifce your battery in order to win a long lasting flight.

documents on use will be avlable very soon, i mean soon this time.

the website is down for now as the cost of running it was getting too high so DM me to purchase.
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