Antweight World Series 21
Organiser: Scott Fyfe-Jamieson
Location: Harvington Village Hall, Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK
Date: 2006-10-21 to 2006-10-21
Warmup Event

The warmup event will be ran in the morning, and will be a stright single elimination knockout tournament, with byes to make up odd numbers.


The AWS Main Event will be run after lunch. It will use a full double elimination system, this means that every single robot will have to lose two matches before it is out of the competition. This INCLUDES the scenario that the winner from the losers bracket beats the winner from the winners bracket in what would be the final. In this case, the fight will take place again, since at that point, both robots would have lost 1 match each, making them even. If the winners bracket robot won the match, then the competition would be over.

We will be dealing with odd numbers of competitors by handing out ‘byes’ randomly. If you are in a match with a bye, you will automatically win, and the bye will behave just like any other robot would, I.E, if you are fighting a bye in the first round, you will progress to the second round on the winners side, and the bye will ‘drop down’ and be against a random opponent in the first round of the losers side.

See this graph for the double elimination system we will be replicating.


The Fleaweight competition will most likely take place over the lunch break. More information to come.


We will also be holding a Minisumo competion during the day, most likely side by side with the warmup event and over the lunch break if necessary.

Website: http://www.robotwars101.org/ants/antweightworldseries/Registration/register.php?id=87
Results: Battle data for this event