Seaside Slam
Organiser: Steve Woolsey/Shane Swan
Location: Mablethorpe, Lincs
Date: 2003-07-26 to 2003-07-27
From the organisers of War In The Wolds, a second event. The Seaside Slam.

Same format as War In the Wolds – Big hall, lots of paying spectators, all raising money for a set of good causes (more on these later).

The arena will be provided by Roaming Robots, all weightclasses are welcome, including ants (we want ants, lots of ants).

Our causes are:

– Kidney Research Aid Fund (KRAF http://www.kraf.org.uk Charity Number 266630) – KRAF are a comparitivly small, but national, charity, who provide invaluable research into Kidney disease in babies and small children. In the year 2000, KRAF raised just ?73,196, of which just 3.3% went into administration costs. Let’s hope we can make a difference to this charity.

– Mablethorpe Lifeboats (http://www.rnli.org.uk/Station.asp?SNo=120) as a coastal town, with many thousands of tourists visiting each year, Mablethorpe’s Lifeboat is kept particularly busy in the summer months. In the height of summer the crew may called out several times in one day, normally to rescue users of inflatables, who have been blown out to sea. The RNLI relies entirly upon voluntary contributions and receives no government support.

– Autism (exact charity to be confirmed).

– Cancer (exact charity to be confirmed).

I’m sure you’ll agree, four very good causes.

We are aiming to set up Friday, run two shows Saturday, and one Sunday morning (with neccessary nights out in between – Don’t know about nights out in Mablethorpe? Ask someone who was there! Cheap beer and an amazing atmosphere, more so in the middle of summer ).

Accomodation will be free, but will most likely be a dormitory-type arrangement. We will try to arrange some subsidised rooms at a B+B if need be. Travel expenses will be paid if you need them to be.

Application forms and and full information available on the website – http://www.seasideslam.co.uk – as soon as a I can.

Please note, this event is not replacing War In The Wolds. WITW2 will be going ahead in Louth, in November.

Website: http://www.seasideslam.co.uk
Results: Battle data for this event