Debenham Robot Rumble 2002
Location: Suffolk, England
Date: 2002-03-30 to 2002-03-31
Inspired by BBC2’s Robot Wars – the Robot Rumble in Debenham is a chance for fans of Robot Wars to see some of their favorite robots up close and live, and a chance for the Roboteers to take part in their favorite sport as well as meeting other Roboteers from around the country.

The 2002 Robot Rumble to be held in Debenham is expected to pull in an audience of nearly 2000 spectators over the easter weekend in 2002.

There will be competitions, tournaments, displays as well as the chance to walk around the pits and meet and greet the roboteers and their robots. Robots will enter each competition starting off in a 3 way battle. These entry robots will then be whittled down to just one robot as a winner of each session.

As well as the Heavyweight robots (weighing up to 100Kg) there will also be a chance to see robots from other weight groups, including the very popular “Ant Weight” class where robots weigh gramms rather than kilograms.

Website: http://www.robotrumble.co.uk/
Results: Battle data for this event