Antweight World Series 1
Organiser: Oliver Steeples
Location: Reading
Date: 1999-09-26 to 1999-09-26
The first Antweight World Series was held in Reading, England on the 26th September 1999 at the house of Oliver Steeples. The day was split into individual, multi-bot and team events. Each ant fought the other ants on one of the two arenas: plain board or obstacle arena. There were several antweight grumbles with up to 5 bots on an arena at one time.

The rules were the original antweight rules. There was a set of scales and a 4 inch cube available to all contestants. A win is counted as pushing the opponent off the arena, disabling the opponent so that it can no longer continue or destroying the opponent so that it no longer operates. In the event of any arguments, a majority decision is taken from 5 people at random.

Following the main competition, we ran some multi-ant Grumbles and a game of football. Some of the Grumbles were run on a straight board arena as Pant’s Playground was regarded as too small for this purpose and we needed to lay out markings.

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