new builder - good motors to use for an undercutter ?

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new builder - good motors to use for an undercutter ?

Post by retropunk » Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:57 am

i'm currently planning for my next build, which is also my second build ever, and i might have access to a CNC 3D printer so i'm currently trying to design an undercutter. however, i don't know which motor to use to drive the weapon (brushless probably, but i know nothing else) and whether to use a belt system to drive the weapon, or just directly link the motor to the blade. can someone help me please?

:) thanks for your help, i'm pretty new so i don't know a lot
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Re: new builder - good motors to use for an undercutter ?

Post by Kyro » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:37 am

i will pass on the info i was given when i asked the same question.

the Dys BE1806 is a popular choice. i purchased 2 for upcoming builds along with 2 afro 20a esc's and they seem to work well together... banggood seems to be the best place to get the Dys and hobbyking is where i purchased the 2 afro's from... there are 2 versions, one with and one without a built in bec. the ones i got had the built in bec and were cheaper than the ones without oddly...

as i have not battle tested them, i cannot say whether they will stand up long enough to the kind of punishment they will meet, but i have made a spinning bar and smashed some stuff up with no problems... my 5 minute test turned into over an hour of seeing how quickly i could dismantle stuff and it held up fine to that.

i mounted my bar directly to the motor using the threaded holes on top which is the most popular way to mount a weapon to it, however there are a small amount of antweights that use belts to drive their weapons.

really i would say it comes down to space, weight and ease of build. if you have the space and weight and can easily fit a belt system in then go for it. it would be slightly less reliable but would prolong the life of your motor...

i hope this helps

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