Need a new esc

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Need a new esc

Post by PudseyBear » Mon Mar 11, 2019 5:52 pm

So it seems my nano2 is a little broken and doesn't work the servo. I can still use it to drive so it may make its way in to a pusher at some point.

Anyway i need a new esc as I have a flipper printed and ready to build. I had taken the easy option of a nano2 as it was good to go. Anyone want to suggest anything similar system or a cheaper and effective set up? I've seen a few cheap dual escs around but guess you get what you pay for and i may live to regret it.

what rx to people use on the cheaper escs? any tips/suggestions of what works best? My current set up is 2s lipo with pink servo and a devo7e. My soldering is a little rudimentary so would like to steer away from any fiddly soldering if poss


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Re: Need a new esc

Post by Hogi » Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:05 pm

There's the dasmicro ESC which is quite cheap but you would have to solder directly onto it. Apart from that theres the sabretooth ESC which has boxes for the wires so you dont need to solder it and will easily drive a flipper servo but from experience I think that one's a bit big and bulky. Sorry I can't be of more help.
As for receivers, I find the orange rx works very well and has pins so can be plugged into rather than soldered to.

I hope you find what your looking for. ☺
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Re: Need a new esc

Post by LimaHotel » Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:53 am

Personally I have yet to regret my dasmikros. I like lemons for the rx. End pins are nice yeah, but they're heavy and take up space.
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Re: Need a new esc

Post by MySolderIsOlder » Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:51 am

The DasMikros are great if you're lucky and get one of the ones that actually work but it seems rather hit and miss. Over the past year I've ordered three batches;
  • First batch of three were fine and all three are still going strong
  • Couple of months later, ordered three more, they sent me four :D but on closer inspection they were obviously rejects/returns :( - they all had scruffy blobs of solder on the pads, two still had soldered wires attached and in all cases, you could see burning/blistering on the mosfets,where they had previously blown. :x Needless to say, none worked. After several frustrating hours dealing with BangGood's 'customer service', I eventually got a partial refund (for two items only)
  • Third batch - with some trepidation, ordered four more. This time they arrived in the smart new packaging with a cardboard tag and looked perfect. Unfortunately, not one of them worked. In every case, the BEC supply to the Rx was fine but the motor pads were only supplying a few mV regardless of the signal. Looking at the reviews on the BangGood website, I found someone else (an electrical engineer) reporting identical symptoms with their boards - so must have been a faulty batch. Unfortunately, by the time I got round to testing them I'd already ditched the original parcel wrappings, so BangGood didn't want to know
Moral of this tale is that the DasMikros can be great - and coupled with the tiny Orange R614 Rx (currently out of stock) make for about the smallest package available to those of us who've never managed to get hold of a Nano. BUT... Quality control is terrible, so It's really hit and miss whether you'll get one that works, the solder pads are very fragile and will lift off if you so much as breathe on them too hard (for the ones that do work, I've reinforced mine with generous amounts of Araldite over the soldering, which gives some protection), BangGood's customer service sucks - and delivery is slow, so you can wait weeks before receiving a board that may or not work. If you do decide to buy from them, remember to keep ALL the packaging together until you've tested everything.

With some reluctance I gave up on DasMikro AND BangGood completely. I'm now standardising on the "2/3S 5A Dual-Way Brushed ESC", widely available on AliExpress or eBay. These are a fair bit bigger but they're also cheaper and come pre-wired (shortening the wires reduces the bulk). Used a few of these now and so far had no problems in testing, even with 3S Lipos. I've also recently bought a couple of the AWESC boards from ARC robotics, which I'm going to use for two new spinner Antweights that I'm building for AWS58. Haven't tested them yet but they look pretty neat and are midway between the other two, size-wise.
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