A Hotel, constructed of Limas, for Ants: A Build Diary

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A Hotel, constructed of Limas, for Ants: A Build Diary

Post by LimaHotel » Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:00 pm

Yo! Hi!
I've been milling around here for a while - my first intentions of doing this date back to April!
However, now I be here. I still have no... concrete... plans, but I do have some rather fluffy ones, and some very real components.
Lets start with what I have: The components.
5x LemonRX DSM2 6-channel w End pins
3x DasMikro 2s6a (I know the last batch had a tendency to combust, but I'm really hoping this batch are slightly more reliable?)
1x Devo7e - I need to mod it to do the DSM2 thing, though I believe that's "easy"?
20x N20 gearmotors
2x "pink" servos (S306G-HV)
A load of 2s Lipos, 2 charging bags, and a charger, though I still need to find a 12v power supply to cannibalise for it.
A load of a4 sheets of Polycarb in 0.5, 1 and 1.5mm
A sheet of 7075 aluminium, 1.5mm
A load of 2 and 3mm nuts and bolts
OH RIGHT and a NanoTwo.

Obvious things I'm missing: Wheels (I'd like to source or make my own rather than turn to the ToughHubs. I'm thinking Lego wheels? Maybe?), Wiring (I'm thinking 23 gauge?), and switches (simple amazon search should do it).

I also have some jigsaw blades and some old keys, and they'll (hopefully) make sense in a bit.

Now for the fluffier things I have:

Jiggy Sawdust and the Wedgebot from Mars:
So I wanted a grabber. I wanted (at the time) a team of ants all of which used an unmodified tool as their weapon. I've dropped the team tool idea, but Jiggy stuck around.
Similar to a rear-hinged flipper in design, the servo will operate as many jigsaw blades as I have weight for for grabbing. Because I wanted the full Bowie reference, and because each team can have a Cluster, I also hope to make enough weight for a basic wedgebot. From mars.

Key Grip:
So I've done some work in the film game, and will hopefully be doing more work over the next few years.
One of the departments is the Grip department. The HoD of said department being the Key Grip.
So an antweight that uses a key to grip it's opponent?
... Ahem. Yeah. Basically Key Grip is gonna be Jiggy's bigger brother.

I have pictures etc, but the attach file feature doesn't seem to support photos, and I've yet to set up some kinda online hosting thingy to link em with.

Right. Suzan is the least thought out. By which I mean the pronunciation of the name is all I've come up with. The bot won't be called Suzan - I want the name to be a.... one of those word thingies where each letter is an initial for a longer name... an Acronym! Yes, one of them. But I don't have one yet.
I also want not-Suzan to be a Flippah. Front hinged, rear hinged, 4-bar... I'm easy in that regard. What's more important to me is settling on whatever ridiculously over-complicated launch system it's gonna use. I'm leaning towards springs or elastics rather than pneumatics. I know they're a pretty terrible idea in any weight category and that's why there aren't any (Only examples I can think of are the famously unsuccessful Diotoir and the horribly disappointing ABC S2 Lockjaw) BUT just like the flywheel flipper (Warrior Dragon), terrible designs do hold a certain appeal. So I haven't given up on making little not-Suzan yet.

So yeah, that's where I stand right now. Over the next few weeks, I hope to successfully complete at least ONE of these. And HOPEFULLY I'll be seeing some of you at the AWS in February!

(Seriously, what's the most popular way of getting pictures on here?)

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