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Re: Fishy Electronics - DisinfectANT , Cilit BANG

Post by GeorgeR » Sat Apr 27, 2019 7:27 pm

I wouldn't be too worried about the counterweight, it shouldn't get hit, and it's going slower anyway. The bits that look marginal to me are between the central hub and the edge of the bar, particularly by that mounting hole, and along the threaded holes that the tooth screws into. Polycarb is a great material, but it can crack given enough force, and it looks pretty thin in those sections.

I'm surprised to hear about you shearing high tensile m3 bolts, that's exactly what I use in Valkyrie, and I've never had an issue (even when hitting other spinners). It may be because I've partially countersunk them, which provides a bit more support?
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Re: Fishy Electronics - DisinfectANT , Cilit BANG

Post by TeamScrewUp » Wed May 01, 2019 2:54 pm

your robots seem like a work of art
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Re: Fishy Electronics - DisinfectANT , Cilit BANG

Post by EddieJ » Fri May 17, 2019 9:27 pm

@George: Ahh hadn't tested or had any experience with cracking polycarb before. This could be more entertaining then, with that kind of risk! :lol: Will see how it goes and have a bar redesign on standby!
@TeamScrewup: Thanks :) Could be a Jackson Pollock piece of art, if this does not work out as I plan ;)

A little more done, it's slow progress at the moment. I am not getting much time away from work and then energy for bot building is scarse :-? Buuut the weapon assembly is 100% done. And that's the second more complex bit in it.

I planned to make my life easy and use a M4 threaded steel rod as the weapon axle. Newb mistake, it is 3.85mm not 4mm..

This means the weapon bar has too much play to either side and would hit the frame sides. So it is time to do this the long way.
Nice hard steel bar lathed down to 4mm exactly.

Cut to length +0.5mm ... which takes 15 minutes and 3 blades with the jeweler's saw because I have not finished refurbishing my mitre saw yet...

Lathe the ends clean with a facing cut.

Add a chamfer at about 45 degree.

Then spend 1 hour per end trying to add a M4 thread while swearing all shades at this damn 40mm long piece of metal. Honestly the most difficult part of this build so far is DIY die cutting a thread on a steel bar by hand. Maybe I will get better with practice... Probably smart to make a spare bar

Next, since i forgot to program the mill to run one more operation to coountersink all the holes.. I have to do them by hand in both parts of the frame. So this is keeping me busy on sunday for a bit.

Lathing 4mm pulleys which is all levels of fiddly... my next bot will be a brick with wheels... need something simple after this... although I said that after the last one...

May use a grubscrew to join these two parts... is glue cheating? xD

Unconventional way of lathing down the nylon gears, mounting it on a tap. But was the best i could come up with. I need to find some sort of internal micro chuck sometime.
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