University of Greenwich Open day - Saturday July 1st

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University of Greenwich Open day - Saturday July 1st

Post by Garfie489 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:28 pm

Hey all,

Ive seen the recent posts about people looking for a venue to host an AWS and the problems people are having in finding somewhere suitable. Thus ive put the problem to my University, which is currently doing alot of robot programs itself through Robot Wars (with Trolley Rage) aswell as school projects where they are working with local schools to build over 20 featherweights from kits ive designed.

The head of the University thinks hosting an Antweight competition during an open day would be a fantastic idea, and allow us to make a centrepiece for a potential display to all the robotics projects going on at the University. Naturally this is something that may work for both parties, as Greenwich wants to make a big push to get more students into robotics - whilst roboteers need somewhere to place down an arena.

Thus before making any detailed plans with the University i thought to ask everyone here - would you want this. The Uni will be able to provide a hall with Wifi and plenty of space in order for an AWS to be run just like it used to be at Reading, but in a new home. We could have a live stream, and an audience - whilst still having a reserved pit space ect.

As ive only been involved a short time, i dont want to just go ahead without seeing what the support from the community would be like. Potentially if successful, this could become a regular thing which may solve all venue issues the AW scene currently has. So if people like this idea and are willing to get behind it, ill talk to the relevant people at the Uni and get it sorted - the only thing we need is an arena, and the roboteers. Remember ive made no promises to the Uni, ive decided to come to you guys first.

So do people think this is a good idea? - its the best i can do to help which benefits all parties involved. If so ill go and make the arrangements.