Armour /chassis material

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Armour /chassis material

Post by tomboys » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:44 am

Hello, I have a few questions about making the main body of my robot now I've done the electronics:

I've heard about some of the strengths and weaknesses of using hdpe and polycarbonate, but if you were making the chassis/Armour combined out of them, what are the best ways to connect them?

I've heard about bending hdpe and connecting polycarbonate with nuts and screws. How easy is it to bend polycarbonate?

Has anyone tried these? ... d=nutstrip

I don't really have access to 3d printing.
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Re: Armour /chassis material

Post by MarkR » Tue Jan 01, 2019 5:39 pm

About connecting - I use M2 nuts and bolts and they're awful, don't do that :)

If you want to use nuts and bolts, use at least M2.5.

Nylon nuts & bolts are weak but easily replaced and bolts cut to length. Steel bolts are harder to cut down to size (I use a belt sander, it's really tricky to do because the bolt gets very hot very quickly and it's tricky to hold. A dremel grinder also works somewhat.)

Some people seem to use self-tapping screws and small blocks inside, or a 3d printed chassis.

Small pop-rivets also work.

PC is quite easy to bend at room temperature and mostly stays put. Other plastics don't do that so easily and will require heat or an alternative process.

HDPE is a pain to work with in every respect, I've given up using it because it's too tricky and heavy (I notice, watching Bugglebots, that it seems very popular in Beetleweights)
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