Feedback on Ant Arena design for BBB

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Feedback on Ant Arena design for BBB

Post by joebrown » Fri Apr 20, 2018 12:27 pm

Hi guys, posting on behalf of Gareth B as he can't get on to his account, we're putting together an arena for Bristol Bot Builders nicknamed THE TOBLERDOME™. Over to Gareth:

Hey everyone! Some of us Bristol guys are looking at putting together an ant arena for our local group (BBB) mostly for our social fun events, but also up to AWS specs

The idea is we can drop different base sections in to swap it between our fun events (with arena hazards: floor flipper, lowering pit, turntable, and CPZ) and the AWS spec version with just two pits.

We are looking for design tips / ideas!

We've opted for the triangle shape to make it pack up small, whilst giving good visibility and fitting in a small car. Side walls are 15cm high. Current plan is to make the end sections and side walls 6mm polycarb, and the roof 4mm polycarb. Arena floor is 90cm * 100cm.

It will also have a door in each end panel once I get around to adding it to the CAD :)

What are your thoughts? What should we add / change?


Old CAD version to show the AWS arena style (we've changed the wall sides and arena size since this design):


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Re: Feedback on Ant Arena design for BBB

Post by DieGracefullyRobotics » Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:11 pm

Looks fun.

The only thing I can think of straight away is that old arena designs always had the ability to push someone along the wall and into the pit, which became irritating after a while. That's why Peter's arena has those small "pillar bits" at the bits where the wall meets the drop off edge. That small change meant significantly more driving skill was needed to get someone in than just push along the wall.

Apart from that teeny tiny point, looks great to me!
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