Antweight Arena?

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Antweight Arena?

Post by marlton67 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 11:28 am

Hi am hoping to build an antweight arena am looking to get main specs.
I would like in the long run to hold events, but for now it just for testing?
Am I correct in thinking?
outer edge Size: 48" X 48" with a 3" lip
25% Push out area 12" each side or corner.

Questions: Are pits permitted? (Bot actavated)
If spinner are in action a full cover is needed.
Is this needed for Axe Bots,Pushers, Lifters & Flipers?

This is at the moment for our little group of 10 to fight it out, but would like it to be able to
handel a full competition at some point so only want to build it once.

Any help or views about what works well would be greatfully recieved.

Regards Ian

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Re: Antweight Arena?

Post by BeligerAnt » Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:59 pm

I'd say an arena floor of 48"x48" is a bit on the big side. You run the risk of robots just chasing each other for 3 minutes without making contact!
The AWS rules (currently) only specify a minimum of 30" square but this is generally reckoned to be a bit small these days. Peter Waller's arena is generally thought to be a good size and it's designed to fit in a medium sized car which may be a consideration for transport!

Remember that the pits need to be at least 6" wide so that robots properly fall into them and there's no did it/didn't it go in the pit debates.

There's nothing to prohibit bot-activated pits but they tend to be difficult and unreliable at this scale. I don't think anyone's ever made one that had more than one outing!

You don't need a fully enclosed arena for non- spinners unless you have any really powerful flippers. You may still want some screens to keep the fingers of over-enthusiastic small people out though!

If you can make the design work, it would be useful to have modular walls so you could change the pits/drop-offs around for your small get-togethers. This gets harder when you need to fully enclose the arena because you need space all-around for pits, but you could do it just for non-spinner competitions.
Gary, Team BeligerAnt

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Re: Antweight Arena?

Post by marlton67 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:04 pm

Cool thanks very much. Lots of help.

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